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India Unplugged

TV Production

Project Manager

TV credit: Executive Producer

I took on the responsibilities as Executive Producer for this three-part TV series, broadcast on Community Channel; telling the stories of how international aid has helped to change lives in India, as told through the gaze of emerging Indian filmmakers. 


I oversaw all aspects of project management and the production: curating the films, obtaining licence agreements, audio licences, script writing, arranged and oversaw shoots and edit / post-production sessions. I also sourced talent; each show was fronted by BBC presenter and journalist: Tina Daheley.

India Unplugged was the output for Media Trust's Global360 project and filmmaking competition. The project received press coverage in Asian Image and Biz Asia.

Delivered by Media Trust and Community Channel.

Distribution partner: Global Poverty Project.

Stakeholders: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and

Cannes Chimera.

Budget: £50k.

Elements from this song and video were used for India Unplugged's title sequence

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