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London Undercover

TV Production

Project Manager

TV credit: Show Coordinator

London Undercover was a series of half-hour documentary specials that addressed issues that concerned Londoners the most. Each episode investigated a different theme as chosen by Evening Standard readers. Themes included: London's Housing Crisis, Ageing, Young People and Mental Health, Hidden Ethnic Communities and LGBT. The show was broadcast on London Live and Community Channel.

I worked closely alongside the Executive Producer  - Jasmine Dotiwala - to manage a team of reporters. I supported the journalists with the construction of their features, reviewed narratives, story structure and rough-edits. I attended shoots, arranged and conducted interviews and researched stories.

I conducted an interview for the LGBT episode which was filmed at the Vauxhall Tavern in London.


Along with the exec producer and editor, I reviewed each show before going to air; checking compliance and ensuring OFCOM regulations were adhered to.

I was also responsible for maintaining a file of licences, location agreements and contributor release forms. 

Delivered by: Media Trust.

Prime stakeholder: City Bridge Trust.

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