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MR. Dental

Website Build

Digital Media Manager

I devised and implemented a new communications strategy for this dental company, and translated business objectives into effective marketing campaigns across channels.

I led the launch of a new, functional e-commerce website to showcase products and services to a global audience. By analysing consumer and competitor insights, I was able to develop and adopt new positioning strategies.

I sourced and worked with a team of website developers at Site Wizard. I was responsible for testing the new site, reporting and fixing bugs, and ensured the website was fully functional for the launch.

After the launch, I continued to monitor website analytics to further develop and steer the digital media and marketing strategies for B2B and B2C user interactions.


My approach for the new branding included bold, modern, slick and eye-catching imagery. A series of pictures were selected for each area of MR. Dental's business, and were used across social media, brochures, catalogues, promotional items and trade show / exhibition stands.

Budget: £50k.

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